Tips for Hurricane Preparation


Here are some tips that was compiled by Annabel Magno on behalf of the Communications Department and for the

benefit of all our church members and friends. Please choose those tips that will benefit you now based on how

much time you have to prepare for the coming hurricane as we continue to be vigil in our prayers for the safety of

all who will be affected by this storm. Blessing to you all.


1. Praise God and pray from your heart. Let's pray for each other during the storm.


2. XFINITY WiFi offered for Florida residents during the storm:

Here is where you can find a map of hotspots near you:


3. Make a phone tree of friends and family to contact during and after the storm - last people on the list need to

call the first person at the top of the tree to complete the circle


4. Bring in all furniture, trash bins, loose articles in the yard; if you cannot bring your patio/yard furniture inside,

then you'll need to tie it down securely with rope or a garden hose


5. Fill all bath tubs with water for washing, cleaning, and flushing toilets


6. Use Clorox in toilets to help prevent mildew and mold


7. Put important papers, documents, items in zip loc bags or water resistant containers; if you have a dishwasher,

place those important items inside the dishwasher and lock them up


8. Fill washing machine with ice and use as an improvised freezer


9. After freezing water in a container, place a coin at the top of the ice. If you come back to that container after the

storm has passed and the (a) coin is at the top of the ice still, then your power didn't go off long enough to defrost

all the items in your freezer and the food should be good to eat in both your fridge and freezer OR (b) coin is at the

bottom of the cup and the ice has melted, then your power went out and the food in your fridge/freezer was

defrosted and is not good to eat


10. Put towels by your windows to soak up any moisture


11. If you don't have sand bags, you can fill trash bags with water and use in place of sand bags for entry ways, to

help block out water from getting into the house


12. Wear full clothing when going to sleep and have shoes ready by your bedside; also have a bag packed with

your medications, clothes, snacks, cash, and important documents/identification ready in case you need to leave


13. Gather and test all batteries, flashlights, lanterns - keep them in a designated area


14. Charge all electronics and cordless devices - cell phones, tablets, power banks, etc.; old cell phones are still

capable of calling 9-1-1


15. Unplug all electronics that you don't need


16. Can use your solar lights from gardens/yards inside the house during the evenings/nights


17. Put first aid/safety kit and medications in a designated area


18. Know your local shelter location, in case you need to evacuate your house


19. Gas all vehicles and check tires and oil


20. Have a weather radio ready for use


21. Turn refrigerator and freezer to coldest setting and open only when necessary. If you lose power, food will last

longer this way.


22. Have a family evacuation plan ready - review it together and share that plan with other family members so

they know where you might go in case they need to get a hold of you.


23. Photograph any valuables and furniture before the storm - can do this with your cell phone camera


24. Have a manual can opener handy to help open your canned goods


25. Tape up windows if they are not boarded up


26. Keep emptying your ice maker into baggies and put those ice bags in your freezer


27. If you have pets, cut up some of the sod from your yard and put it in a kiddie pool in your garage - this will

give them a place to do their business


28. Wash clothes and bathe/shower the day before the storm!


29. Can put mattresses in front of windows to help block from damage OR can use mattresses to help shield you if

your home suffers some damage


30. Can put tarp on any damaged areas of the roof


31. Secure and clean out any of your gutters


32. Call Banks and Credit Card companies if you plan on leaving out of state so they don't put your cards on hold

due to "suspicious activity"


33. Secure all firearms and ammunition properly


34. Drain pools if possible


35. Use one cell phone at a time, so you'll always have a cell phone to use and you won't drain all of the batteries

at once.


36. Close all doors inside of the house, and stay away from windows and glass doors; good idea to close curtains,

shutters and blinds as well - this will help reduce the chance of flying glass if the window is broken by debris or

high winds.


37. You can use baby wipes for sponge baths


38. Cut up yoga mats to fill in spaces under the doors where water can get it


39. Out of candles? You can use crayons as candles.


40. Text FLPREPARES to 888777 to receive text alerts from Florida Division of Emergency Management


41. Florida Hospital is offering residents FREE access to eCare.