2023 Family Life Camping

Are you as excited as we are for OFSDA Family Life Camping?!
Save the dates: November 3-5. This year’s campsite will be Tomoka State Park – a 2,000-acre Florida State Park located along the Tomoka River, three miles north of Ormond Beach. How can you join?

1st step: Fill out the interest form below. This will notify our Family Life Ministry team who is interested in joining. (Further details will be emailed to those who fill out the interest form, in order of submission.) **UPDATE: ALL CAMPSITES ARE FULL. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!**

2nd step: Submit payment **only after instructions are emailed to you from the Family Life team** to secure your campsite. (The cost per campsite + payment methods/instructions will be included in the email mentioned above.)

There are three ways to pay:

With a limited number of campsites available, it will be on first-come, first-served basis.

1. Via cash or check in the offering plate. Please address checks to OFSDA and put “Family Life Camping” in the memo line.

2. Via Adventist Giving online. Please submit your payment under “Local Offerings: Family Life”.

3. For those families who are planning to share a campsite, please have one family complete payment in full to secure campsite. You will need to make arrangements between your families on how to split payment amongst yourselves.

Campsites will not be considered reserved until payment is confirmed. Payment is non-refundable. We have 17 campsites available – each campsite can accommodate the following:


  • Options for each campsite include RV and/or tents.
    2 tents or one RV per site; (not all sites can accommodate RV and a tent)
  • Number of campers per site: 8 persons
  • Check-in Time: 3:00pm on Friday
  • Check-out Time: 1:00pm on Sunday
  • Number of cars per site: 2 vehicles
    With RV – can also fit 1 vehicle; there is overflow parking available
  • No additional costs for RV (Note: RV max length is 34 feet)
  • No option to pay ahead for Saturday day pass park fees: fees are $4.00 per car for 1 person and $5 per car for 2 or more persons. There is no limit for those who want to come on Saturday only. If you have a State Park Membership, your Saturday day pass and parking is included in that membership.
  • Amenities available at each campsite include: electrical, water, picnic table and a fire pit. Each family will have to provide their own firewood for their fire pits at their campsite. (There is a group fire pit by the Visitor Program building, which is on first-come, first-served basis and we would have to provide our own firewood for that one as well.)
  • No ocean access/beach access from our campsites
  • Please be advised that there are mosquitoes, ticks (in the park, but not too bad in the campground), no-see-ums. It is advised to bring bug spray and/or essential oil sprays. Lavender, Citronella/Lemongrass, Peppermint (in small doses), Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Geranium and Tea Tree (in small doses) are good essential oils to help repel bugs. Please do research on what is pet-friendly if you are bringing your pet dogs. Lavender is the safest essential oil for small children.
  • Pets are welcome in the park. Dogs must remain on a leash no longer than 6 feet when outside your vehicle and must be cleaned up after. They may not be left unattended. There are no extra fees for pets.

I am interested in joining the camping event

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