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The OFSDAtv Channel

OFSDAtv is a 24/7 live Internet TV streaming service that broadcasts faith-based programs that help grow your faith in the Lord. Brought to you by the Media Ministry of the Orlando Filipino SDA Church.

How to watch OFSDAtv on your Smart TV

You can watch OFSDAtv on your Smart TV (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc).  Just make sure you have the YouTube app installed on your Smart TV.  Open the YouTube app on your TV, and type ofsdatv in the Search field.

We are making revisions to our TV programming schedule. Check back later.

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TV Programs and Series

Let’s Talk to God

Let’s Talk To God is a 1-hour live stream prayer session where you can send your prayer requests or praises to us for prayer.

The Final Call: a Study on the Three Angel’s Messages

The Final Call is a video Bible study series emphasizing the urgency and importance of the God’s final message to humanity through the Three Angels’ Messages.

Revelation of Hope

A close look into the books of Daniel and Revelation and how it holds significance in our world today.

The Foundation

The Foundation: A Study of the Biblical Sanctuary

An in-depth bible study into the Biblical Sanctuary found in the book of Exodus, and how God uses this to illustrate His plan of redemption for mankind.

OFSDA Sabbath School Online

A weekly online TV program from OFSDA church featuring panelists who discuss the weekly Sabbath School lesson quarterly.

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About our Ministry

The Media Ministry at Orlando Filipino Church

The Media Ministry is a ministry of the Orlando Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church.  It serves to support and amplify the church’s mission to make Christ known through the use of audio/visual and video production technology.  The ministry is completely volunteer-based, composed of people who have a desire and interest of integrating technology into ministry.

Contact the Media Ministry

You can reach us by email if you have any questions, comments, or requests.