Where Does My Tithe Go?

A simple breakdown of $100 tithe to illustrate the answer.

Where does my money go?

Let’s break down $100 tithe:

While the entire church structure benefits in varying degrees, by far the largest portion of tithes in the North American Division (NAD) reverts back to the local church and school. To keep things simple, let’s follow a $100 portion of tithes to see where the funds go; and then, as an example, how NAD distributes its money. (These breakdown percentages are based on 2018 figures.)

$100 breaks down…

   $66 Local Conference

   $10 Defined Benefit Retirement

   $9 Union Conferences

   $9.15 NAD (see figure)

   $5.85 General Conference

Breaking down the NAD portion of tithe

Breaking down the NAD portion of tithe

Graphic credit: NAD Adventist website

Based on 2018 figures