About the Series:

With the world in chaos, political unrest across our nation, and senseless violence tearing into the safety of our homes, people across the country are looking to the future with fear. But the Bible has proven itself accurate throughout history, and it tells us what will happen soon. The books of Daniel and Revelation will dispel your fears and give you a foundation for how you can prepare for upcoming world events. Discover the keys to unlocking these prophecies and the hope found in their revelation.

Evan Fox

Evan Fox


Evan comes from east Tennessee and enjoys game-nights and getting outdoors. Having become a Christian after high school, he has a passion for Christ and Bible prophecy. His Southern roots help him connect easily with others and share God’s word with beauty and simplicity.

Key Benefits

Understanding our world

Make sense out of growing global turmoil

God's signs

Discover the signs showing God will act soon

Peace in a world of uncertainty

Find great peace today and security about the future

Understand Bible Prophecy

Understand the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation

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  2. Select the Orlando Filipino SDA Church YouTube channel.
  3. Navigate down to Watch on-demand Our TV Programs/Series and look for Revelation of Hope: Unlocking the Books of Daniel & Revelation


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    “I was desperately searching for peace. I knew the answers lay in the Bible, but I never read it. When I went to this seminar, it felt like an anvil was lifted off my back. It made a big difference in my heart.”


    “This seminar answered all my questions, plus more questions I didn’t even know I had. I have hope now, because I know the end of the story.”


    “A very professional presentation. This seminar took ancient biblical truth and made it relevant for my life today. Jesus is more real to me as a result.”